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Comfort and Care

The Memo-Pad Cushion has been designed for users considered to be at ‘High Risk’ of ulcer development. The temperature sensitive foam conforms to the user’s shape, creating a greater body contact area, thus effective pressure redistribution is achieved. The cover is both multi-stretch and vapour permeable. The high frequency welded seams and a fully concealed zip reduces the possibility of fluid ingress and aids in infection control.

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Key Features

  • High specification foam contributes to an effective pressure ulcer prevention plan
  • Smooth multi-stretch cover allows the patient to glide over the surface of the mattress
  • The waterproof, vapour permeable cover can be easily wiped clean
  • Cover is impregnated with an acti-fresh biocide to help prevent the build up of bacteria
  • High frequency welded seams reduce the risk of fluid ingress
  • Full length welded flap cover can be removed and laundered at 95ºC


Product Codes: APH012 / APH013 / APH014 / APH015

Dimensions: APH014 / 43cm x 43cm x 5cm
APH012 / 43cm x 43cm x 7.6cm  
APH015 / 51cm x 51cm x 5cm
APH013 / 51cm x 51cm x 7.6cm

Maximum Weight Limit: 24 stone / 152.7 Kg

Risk Factor: High Risk

Warranty: 2 years

Cushion Weight: 3 Kg 

Safety Standards: BS EN 597-1 Cig, BS EN 597-2 Match,
BS7177: 1996 Crib Source 5